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CN¥ 3,840,100

顶级农场住宅 52500 平方米 卖 Montemor-o-Novo, 葡萄牙

52,500 m² 5 8



This wonderful property, also known as the Monte das Palmeiras is in the picturesque Alentejo village of Montemor-o-Novo, in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Evora. The village is recognized for its scenic Castle ruins, several convents, 17th century manor houses, churches which display Manueline doorways, rich Baroque altars and unforgettable frescos and tiles. Nevertheless, within a short drive you will also have access to all necessary modern amenities.

This vast farmland has a total of 52,500 square meters. The paved driveway is equipped with an electric gate, and the entire property is enclosed with net and barbed wire.

The property guarantees very healthy soil, suitable for a wide variety of farming following traditional methods, without the use of chemical products (organic). Several species of trees: oak, pine, orange, olive, fig, pear, plum, amongst others have already been planted. In addition to these dozens of several types of palm trees also adorn the land, thus giving the property its name. A drip irrigation system has been installed on the property especially for this purpose. There is a well belonging to the property which has already installed 380W pump with two filter with pressure gauges. The two water lines that supply the farm have an anti-limestone filters, however should you prefer the municipal water the pre-installation of the piping is already in place, as well as for solar panels. This property is also home to a variety of animals: Sheep, goat, chicken and turkeys.

The main house was entirely built under special specific conditions with an added air-box within the concrete to eliminate any chance of humidity from the soil, as well as an air-box within the 50cm thick walls with a series of careful thought out details to ensure its insulation.

The home entails two en suite bedrooms, and six double bedrooms, and an additional three bathrooms. The entire floor is heated. Five of the rooms are equipped with built in closets. Within the vast main living room, you have the traditional large open fireplace. The entire home is fitted with double glazed windows, and an intercom system connected to the entrance gate. A wine cellar has also been built underneath the house.

Separate to the main house another house was built that has since been transformed into a professional recording studio. Here we have 3 sound recording rooms, control room, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and shower. On the other side of this building is located a small residence for the household couple to include bedroom, kitchen and living room.

Come and enjoy the leisurely countryside and farmland!

Energy Rating: B-



52,500 m²
52,500 m²
31 一月 2020


Maia - Distrito do Porto


Maia - Distrito do Porto